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      Tavern Liquor License

Tavern liquor license protects the liquor market from selling to underage customers or sell excessive quantities per client. The Tavern liquor license is similar to, but not the same as the restaurant liquor license or the general liquor license.


Tavern Liquor License is a permit that allows you to sell beer, hard alcohol, and wine as a primary percentage of your income, unlike hotels/restaurants that are required to make these sales (hard liquor, wine, etc.).

A tavern liquor license is a special one and difficult to obtain; a fascinating fact is that this license is issued to addresses, not people or businesses. Licensed locations are rare, and renewal of consent (if suspended for any reason) is more complicated than transferring the license to a new owner. Generally, for the safety of the public, this license is difficult to obtain.


When applying, applicants are asked to provide the reasons for applying, the number of permits available within an area, and more.


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