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Liquor License Lawyer

Serving New York City restaurant, bar, and retail business owners






  • Retail Liquor and Beer/Wine License Applications 

  • SLA Appearance

  • Community Board Appearance

  • Warehouse Permit Applications 

  • Sidewalk Cafe Permit Applications



  • Forming a Company

  • Buying/Selling a Business

  • Bylaw / Operation Agreement

  • Shareholder / Investor Agreement



  • Commercial Lease Review and Negotiation

  • Lease Assignment and Sublease Agreement

  • Exercising  Good Guy Guarantee

  • Lease Surrender 



  • Employment Agreement

  • Employee Handbook

  • Employment Compliance Advisory

  • Employment Litigation


Kawasaki Law Office provides intimate legal support to restaurant, bar, hotel, and retail businesses. We are your business partner and cornerman. We can help you establish and grow your business in every step of the way.

Kawasaki Law Office is the only law firm in New York City capable of providing hospitality industry focused legal services in both in English and in Japanese.




Shimpei Kawasaki is the founder of Kawasaki Law Office PLLC. Shimpei has extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry in New York City and in Japan. His first job was at a busy Izakaya-style franchise restaurant in Gunma-ken, Japan where he worked as a chef. In 2009, Shimpei and his brother opened their first restaurant “imari” in the same building where their late grandmother also ran her own Genghis Khan restaurant in the 70s. Shimpei has experience in establishing yakitori, izakaya, kaiseki, oyster bar, burger, and steakhouse restaurants as well as bars. He is fluent in Japanese and is well versed in the business culture of Japan.

After graduating from Florida Coastal School of Law with J.D., Shimpei provided legal assistance on a contractual basis to top law firms in NYC for antitrust litigations involving Japanese corporations.

When Shimpei is not in the office, he enjoys cooking for his wife and walking his dog. When he is not cooking for his wife or walking his dog, he trains in Muay Thai.

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